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Shyla Moon is traveling for the Holidays production will resume feb. 1, 2020

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(same design)

Michelle is the owner of Shyla Moon. She is a military wife living in Okinawa, Japan with her husband and 6 year old daughter, Shyla. When she's not hammering out new jewelry designs, she can be found beach combing for sea glass, grabbing coffee with friends, attending one of Shyla's many dance, karate, Japanese or gymnastics classes or spending time exploring the island. Michelle is a huge advocate for supporting other Makers and firmly believes in community over competition. You can always sit at her table!

The custom order link above is the best way to get into contact with Michelle. She is always happy to make custom, personalized, hand stamped jewelry pieces for you! She also has a plethora of sea glass that she has hand collected and it's just waiting to be hand drilled into an authentic Okinawa Sea Glass necklace. Please, just ask!

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