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<b>Step #2:</b> Pick Your Kimono Wrap 040
<b>Step #2:</b> Pick Your Kimono Wrap 040
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, &lt;b&gt;Step #2:&lt;/b&gt; Pick Your Kimono Wrap 040
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, &lt;b&gt;Step #2:&lt;/b&gt; Pick Your Kimono Wrap 040

Step #2: Pick Your Kimono Wrap 040

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It's a match made in Japan!

This is a beautiful collaboration between myself and Jen at Mottainai Creations. Let me tell you a bit about Mottainai Creations: In Japan, "mottainai" means reuse, recycle, make what's old, new again. Jen sources vintage kimonos straight from Japan, keeping them from making their way into landfills or rescuing them from second hand stores. She deconstructs the kimonos and turns them into, mainly, custom handmade scarves. These Kimono Wraps are the scraps from cutting the scarf pattern. Keeping with the true meaning of mottainai, nothing is wasted with these one-of-a-kind wrap bracelets.
Each one is adjustable to fit. Directions will be included for how to adjust it to your wrist size. The closure is a vintage or upcycled button and the metal is hand stamped aluminum. These can be customized with your own words right here.
This is considered a custom order and non-returnable.

Pick your metal shape/style

Personalize your stamping and font selection

Customize your colors/designs

Pick your wrap

**This is STEP 2 for creating your Kimono Wrap Bracelet. Please make sure to include STEP 1 in your purchase!**

This listing is for the Kimono wrap portion only and does not include the stamped portion. Please select from the STEP #1: Shape/Style option listed on the main page of the Kimono Wrap Bracelets Collection. You are picking the (1) wrap shown in the first photo. Measures roughly 25" long. The stamped metal piece will add length and the ties are adjustable to make the wrap fit you perfectly.

Hand stamping is done by me in my studio in Newcastle, Australia. The differences in alignment and depth of impression are what make each piece unique in its own special way and is no way considered a flaw.

**If you want to interchange your wraps and stamped metal designs, please feel free to purchase extra of either individually!** They also interchange with the Silk Wraps, too.


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